The Power of Fragrance® Wild Blueberry Vanilla Candle Votive Trio

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An addictively warm, richly scented candle to brighten your heart and home.
2 oz each
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A gift set of three small scented candles to fill your home with fragrance.


Fill your desired space with the deliciously scented Trish McEvoy Wild Blueberry Vanilla Scented Candle featuring the rich warmth of vanilla blended with the lush sweetness of wild blueberries. Richly scented with the maximum fragrance oil content, all-natural, non-toxic soybean wax offers a slower, cleaner, more even burn. Two environmentally friendly lead-free wicks for an enhanced fragrance effusion and a brighter glow.




80/20 soy paraffin wax blend with 20% fragrance added.

application tips

Trim wick before first use. Do not leave unattended.

  1. To ensure your candle burns down evenly, keep lit for 3-4 hours on first use.
  2. To ensure your candle burns down evenly,  allow the wax to melt to the edge of the glass on first use.

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