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Meet Trish


When I launched my brand in 1975, my mission was simple: I wanted to give women the tools they needed to feel confident, powerful and happy. I wanted to make makeup joyful, to streamline skincare, and to take the guesswork out of choosing a scent. Beauty has always been a source of great pleasure for me and so many of our greatest memories and biggest mood-lifters are sensorial ones, and I wanted to help women across the world connect with themselves and enjoy makeup again. Some forty years later, my mission is still the same – and I’ve had a lot of fun along the way.
As a makeup artist, my brand was originally born from the needs of my clients. All that was readily available for makeup application were those little sponges and brushes that came along with the compacts they bought, which weren’t right at all. I started buying paint brushes from art supply stores and trimming them to perfection, and before long, my clients wanted to buy them, not only for themselves, but for their friends and families, too. That’s where I began, with brushes, that one set of tools that transforms make-up from scary and unpredictable to simple and intuitive. And it also transforms women into bigger, brighter, and more confident versions of themselves. To this day, that’s still how I think about my products – what’s a pain point for women when it comes to beauty? What are the hurdles and obstacles that stop you from feeling beautiful, and feeling like beauty is something within your control, not some strange, outside force? And then we work backwards from there. Take my Makeup Planners for instance. They’re the world’s only totally portable vanity designed to make makeup easy to store, carry and use. They put you back in control, take away stress and “Oh-where-is-that-blush-I-like” and free you up from having to carry around a heavy makeup bag stuffed to the rafters.
Alongside my husband, the dermatologist Dr Ronald Sherman, we opened one of the nation’s first medi-spas to bring together the science of dermatology and the joy of makeup, and to this day, nothing excites me more than seeing a woman’s eyes widen or hearing that gasp of joy when her confidence meter rises and she looks back at her new reflection. Dr Sherman and I also developed efficacious, cosmeceutical-grade skincare that packs a punch without endless steps. Just like with makeup, I wanted to offer women active, results-driven skincare that wasn’t confusing to understand or laborious to use.
In an industry full of excessive add-ons and large conglomerates, I’ve always been proud to have a curated collection of products, and to have remained independent. I want to give you products that you can dial up for the evening or dial down for the day, and provide you with useful fail safes for any occasion that flex to your needs but still feel – and look – luxurious. My message and my team are in the business of positivity: the term “anti-ageing” makes me cringe (the time for living is NOW!) and I know first-hand how when you start to prioritize self-care and take time for beauty, you feel positive effects in every corner of your life. I feel so blessed to be so intimately connected with my team and my customers. So many of my brilliant artists have worked with us for decades, and we have generations of families employed with us too. Whether it’s presenting on television or speaking to you at one of my counters, I love getting to hear your stories and helping put some pep in your step, and being independent lets me do that – we’re all one family!
I’m so excited to welcome you into my world. You’ll find no faddy trends, hard-to-wear shades or disappointing formulas here. I’ve always championed effortless brushes, a naturally radiant complexion and flattering use of color, and every last pigment and drop of color has a little of my heart and soul in it. It’s got my name on it, after all.