Puff & Sponge

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Experience the innovation of our NEW Puff and Sponge, a multifunctional beauty tool that elevates your makeup routine to new heights. 

product details

This ultra-soft sponge effortlessly applies your favorite liquids, creams, and powders, leaving behind a flawless, skin-like finish.

This two-in-one multipurpose puff and sponge boasts a dual texture that seamlessly adapts to powders, liquids, and creams, ensuring a perfectly blended base. Its teardrop shape is thoughtfully angled to effortlessly reach every contour of your face, providing precise control for easy and flawless application.



application tips

Pick up any liquid or cream makeup by pressing the sponge into the product, and then lightly pouncing the sponge onto your face. Deposit powder with the plush side to set or refresh your base. Blend and touch-up liquid and cream formulas using the sponge side. 

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