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Brush 11 Precise Eye Lining

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Application Tips
Why Brush 11?
Easy lining
The original precise eye-lining brush, its unique square shape and razor-thin edge lets you get as close as possible to the base of lashes. This makes it easy to consistently create the most exact lines with confident control.
  • Cruelty-free synthetic hair 
  • Non-shedding
  • Soft enough for even the most gentle skin
  • Weighted Lucite handles
  • Brass ferrules 
Composition: 100% Japanese Nylon
For a classic eyeliner look, use Trish's Brush 11 Precise Eye Lining and press firmly into Eye Definer. Tap off excess and test the color on the back of your hand to ensure you have the desired amount of pigment. Lift your chin up and look down into your mirror and place the brush on the outer corner of your eye, pressing and wiggling across your lash line toward the inner lash. For more intensity and waterproof wear, place a small amount of Finish Line into the Eye Definer Shadow and blend to a thick paste. Test the texture on the back of your hand‚ it should have a dense consistency. Trish Tip: Always apply your eye makeup first to avoid having to re-do your under-eye makeup due to shadow or definer fallout.

Caring For Your New Trish McEvoy Brushes:
Squeeze a dime-sized amount of brush cleanser into palm or a shallow bowl. Dampen lower half of brush hairs and swirl into cleanser until you see a colorful lather. Avoid getting water in the ferrule or hairs may be loosened. Rinse head-down beneath a slow stream of warm water until it runs clear. Gently squeeze and let dry over the edge of any surface.