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Copy of Meet Trish


When people ask me what I do, my first instinct is, "I'm a Makeup Artist." I adore running my company, making products, and performing on stage or screen, but my happiest place of all is with a woman in my chair, teaching her about makeup, and watching her confidence meter rise.

I love everything about the beauty business, the behind-the-scenes work all in preparation for the glamour of a moment. The craze of the cosmetics floor, of being surrounded by my team and shoppers, the all-around thrill of beauty. In a lifetime of "playing with makeup," I have never tired of seeing a woman's eyes widen in admiration at her new reflection.

As a little girl, my first toys were the products in my grandmother's Berlin perfumery. This early exposure to the sheer fun of beauty, to the way it bonds women to each other, taught me that makeup is more than a luxury. Beauty is a big part of most women's lives and we take a lifelong journey with our mirrors. In a world full of unknowns, I think we are very lucky indeed to have something like makeup that, if we learn how to work it, is something we can always count on. This truth became my calling.

I've dedicated my life to urging women to take their MirrorTime—a moment to collect themselves before facing each day—and to teaching them how to use it well. Because I've seen it time and again: a woman improves her look and triggers a host of positive change. Outer security is an undeniable source of inner strength.

Personality-wise my glass is always full. But I'm also someone who walks into a room and sees what could be better. Everything I've ever made was in response to a nagging problem. When there were no worthy makeup applicators on the market, I made the brushes with which I founded my company. When my husband and I imagined how much better his patients could care for their skin at home, we got to work on a professional-strength skincare range. With a market full of fragrances that left me cold, I came out with a range of mood-lifting scents that go deeper than skin. Most thrillingly of all was when I saw how to end the stress of cluttered vanities, drawers and bags with the invention of my Makeup Planner®. I will never forget the rush of realizing what was possible if I paired magnetic "pages" with a ring binder. Eureka!

Aesthetically I'm true to my European-American roots—I love the chic simplicity of Europe and the au-naturel edge of America. Long before the "Nude Nineties," I was pushing my clients to LOSE THE BLUES in favor of colors that actually flattered their faces. Today I'm relentless in pursuit of technologies that mimic nature at its best. And when it comes to Father Time, I'd rather EMBRACE THAN RACE HIM. The term "anti-age" makes me cringe. Today IS as young as we'll ever be so let's get busy LIVING!