Classic Trish Beauty

Pulling together a classically beautiful look is easy—it's all about time well spent on steps that make a difference.


After prepping your skin by cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting:

Step 1
Brighten the upper eyelid with Eye Base Essentials.

Step 2
Apply eye liner to define the eye, keeping close to the lash line to maximize your lid space.

Step 3
Apply a medium-toned shadow to the crease to sculpt the shape of the eye.

Step 4
Apply mascara…because nothing enhances eyes more than a full lash line.

Step 5
Brighten under the eye to banish signs of fatigue.

Step 6
Even out your skin with foundation…because nothing brings out features like Even Skin.

Step 7
Set your foundation with Translucent Finishing Powder to give it the longest wear and prep skin's surface for a seamless bronzer/blush application.

Step 8
Define your brows, because full, shaped brows frame the eyes.

Step 9
Apply bronzer and blush to warm and sculpt the face, mimicking nature at its best.

Step 10
Prime, define and add color to bring out lips' best.

Step 11
Last but not least, set the mood with fragrance.