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The Power of Skincare® Mini Collection
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The Power of Skincare® Mini Collection

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Application Tips
You won't need to check your luggage to stay clean, moisturized, and glowing this getaway. Whether you are traveling for a week or weekend, TSA-approved sizes of Trish's skincare essentials will make it second nature to care properly for your skin, even in vacation mode.

1. Keep the Micellar Water bedside to ensure you never skip cleansing, even when tired or chilled.
2. Layer the Oil under your sunscreen by day or apply whenever desired for a quick surge of radiance or moisture.
3. Keep skin of the hands and body comfortable (and scented!) with the No. 9 Cream.
4. To look as refreshed as you feel, each or every other night give skin a Vitamin C Cream treatment for visible brightness when you wake.
5. On your last night*, lighten the end-of-trip blues with a Weekly Peel—and go home beaming.

*Do not use Vitamin C Cream and the Weekly Peel on the same night.


Instant Solutions Micellar Cleansing Water, 1.7 oz.
Beauty Booster Oil, .17 oz.
Correct and Brighten Weekly Peel, 1 peel
Even Skin Vitamin C Cream, 1 oz
No. 9 Super Enriched Hand & Body Cream, .40 oz.