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The Power of Makeup® Large Planner
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The Power of Makeup® Large Planner

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Application Tips
The largest Planner size, Trish's patented Makeup Planner is the one-and-only portable makeup vanity.  A fully customizable cosmetics organizer, it will put an end to makeup disorder at home and on the go. Designed to hold Trish's environmentally friendly refillable Large Makeup Wardrobing® Pages, the magnetic, mirrored pages can be custom-filled with any combination of Trish eye and face color, keeping all your makeup in one place and visible at a glance. Adjacent brush sleeves and a large back pocket are instantly accessible while a removable pouch is perfect for beauty miscellany.

The Large size makes this the ideal at-home Makeup Wardrobe and is roomy enough for four seasons' worth of makeup while the all-around zipper makes it easy to pack up, for the traveling makeup artist, and all life's big moves.
  • Planner and Pages sold separately.
  • Accommodates 3-4 environmentally friendly refillable Large Pages, 4 roomy brush sleeves, 1 large back pocket, 1 removable mesh pouch
  • 8.625 x 4.25 x 6.125 inches
  • Products not included.

1. Pick your Planner Depending on how much makeup you wear and whether you typically apply it at home or on-the-go, select a Petite, Mini and/or Large Makeup Planner. 2. Pick your Pages Each Planner holds up to three to four Pages. Pick the Page size that fits your Planner. 3. Pick your Colors Pick pans of eye shadow, bronzer, blush and powder for your Pages and Trish's makeup pens, pencils and lip colors to complete your look. Tuck your small tubes into the removable pouch and longer items into the Planner's large back pocket. 4. Pick your Brushes and Tools From a few multitasking essentials to the perfect brush for every feature, your Planner features four custom, elasticized pockets to keep your brushes in top condition and a removable pouch for all your tools.