Resort Collection


Step 1
Prime and Brighten. Using Brush 66 Cream Blender apply Eye Base Essentials to prime for shadow, even-out discoloration and instantly brighten the upper eye.

Step 2
Define. For the look of a full lash line and naturally defined eye, lift the eyelid and press and wiggle small dots of Intense Gel Eye Liner Arabian Nights in between lashes.

Step 3
Contour. Sweep Luminous Eye Shadow Rose Gold into the crease of the eye and down onto the lid, blending to perfection, to sculpt the shape of the eye and highlight the lid.

Step 4
Elongate. For added definition and to elongate the look of the eye, apply Eye Definer Mahogany along the upper lash line starting just beyond the outer corner of the eye for a winged look that will elongate eyes’ shape.

Step 5
Lash out. Place the wand at the roots of the lashes. Press and wiggle it back and forth continuing to apply through lashes until you reach the tips.

Step 6
Sculpt and Warm. Using Brush 65 Angled Contour dip your brush into the Bronzer Golden shade of Golden Glow Face Color. Remove excess on the back of your hand and apply in a “3”-shape from the hairline to the apple of the cheek and along the jawline.

Step 7
Perk Up. Dip Brush 65 Angled Contour into the Blush Glow shade of Golden Glow Face Color. Remove excess on the back of your hand and press the blush onto the high apple of the cheek.

Step 8
Complete the look. Apply a small amount of Flawless Lip Color Perfect Coral or Coral Shimmer depending on your mood. Press the color into lips with your finger for a naturally sultry pout.